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Welcome To Galway

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Welcome to EazyGalway! Since 2004 our company offers flexible short-medium term accommodation solutions (apartments and houses in Cork city centre) and various employment services.

Our unique welcome (our team welcomes you in Ireland)

A bit about Galway

Galway, also known as the City of the Tribes, is the fastest growing city in Ireland with over 72,000 inhabitants. It is a beautiful city with small winding streets and full of atmosphere. It’s also located right by the sea. In 2007 Galway was named as one of the eight ‘sexiest cities’ in the world and in 2008 it was voted 14th best tourist destination in Europe! Galway has retained a very strong connection with Gaeilge the Irish language. Almost 10% of the population there speak Gaeilge fluently.


Galway’s Main Points:

  • Third largest city in the Republic of Ireland
  • Known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart
  • National University of Ireland (NUI Galway) and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
  • Excellent English language schools
  • Strong commercial, professional and tourism sectors for employment
  • Galway airport serving Dublin, Cork, London, Edinburgh & Manchester
  • Galway Arts Festival, Galway Races, Galway International Oyster Festival, Volvo Ocean Race